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Web surfers like to push buttons. Make certain, when designing your site, to break it up into several smaller pages that link to each other. This gives the illusion that your site is larger than if the same information was all on a single page. In today's information age society. People desire to find specific information and they want it now. Give them a button to click that will give them the information that they seek without having to fish through your site to find it.

Put links to like information within your site. (I know this sounds like a contradiction... you've spent a lot of energy trying to get this person to your site... "now you want me to send him away?") As an example, let's say that you make coffee cups and have made a site that features your cups. Have a page that links to other cup manufacturers, coffee and bean distributors, coffee tables, coffee-flavored candy... Visitors to your site will return because you have the best resources, all in one spot. Keep your target audience coming back.

Attempt to include some contact by visitors to your site. Using the previous example of a coffee cup site, you could have a questionaire, "What's your favorite coffee?" a coffee trivia game or maybe, "Guess what this cup is made of and win a free mini-cup" (you get the idea). Basically, compel them to take action in your site. This helps develop a relationship between you and your visitors, who would have had only a passive experience with your site otherwise.

This is the most important and most neglected aspect of web site building, especially if the site is to be designed to generate revenue of any kind. You must get your visitors clicking towards the ORDER button.
It can take approximately three months of experimenting and monitoring all the visitors use of a site to tweak the interactivity in such a way as to gravitate the visitor toward actually spending their hard-earned cash.
(I sometimes will hire interactive game programmers to assist me in this phase of the commercial web site development.)

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Lots of webmasters put things into their pages to try to create interactivity. Be particular about what you have to entertain your visitors. Putting in games like Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, Matching Games, etc... are a waste of your visitor's attention. Unless of course you can make the game represent the theme of your site, i.e., a coffee-themed crossword puzzle.

Here's and example of a company who provides Free Web Sites. These are of particular interest because they have built-in interactivity. These people know what works. Check it out and maybe use some of the features to enhance your own web site.

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