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Awesome Miscellaneous Web Site Tools

This page is dedicated to all the myriad things that you can do to your site to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

You know you're workin' your tail off on your site, now you're ready to move up to the big-time and get your own domain. It's easier than it seems. First you look up domain names you might want to use, then if they're available you can register your domain name with Network Solutions.

You are also going to need a Host for your domain. This is the place where a computer holds all your site's information and disperses it to the internet in a fast and professional manner. There are many Domain Hosting Servers for you to choose from pick the one that's right for you.

You need 'em, you want 'em . . . Here's a whole raft of 'em that you can put on your webpage and use for FREE.

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Every else has one . . . do you need one? Can you use one? What are the benefits?

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You've been surfing around checking out all those other Web sites bragging about all the awards that they've won... and your site's way more awesome than their site. So, why not get some awards of your own? It's not that hard, infact, the following link has a whole raft of 'em:

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This can be frustrating (as you probably have already noticed if you have tinkered with it) Click Here for some ideas that might make your quest for music and sounds a bit easier.

This is my favorite web site enhancement! (I should'a thought of that.) Where you can design your own tee shirts and other customized items FREE! Plus, they will set you up with a free Web site with secure online catalog, process the orders, charge the credit cards, send the items to your customers AND send you a check for your profits! Could it possibly be any better than that? NO! So, click here and get started at where it all starts: Cafe Press.

You may want to add a Free For All Links Page where visitors can add a link to your site, generating more activity from visitors. A FREE FFALP like this one is available from www.cgiforme.com. They also have some other nifty add-ons that you can incorporate into your homepages.

Everyone knows that a great deal of the internet's bandwidth is sucked-up by people chatting. Did you know that you could add your own chat room to your web site?
And you say, Surely, you jest, Dave to which I reply, No. This is for real . . . and don't call me Shirley.
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Wouldn't you like to have your own internet daily newspaper for your visitors to be able to subscribe to? Check out The webman@althits.com News. You, too, can have your very own daily newspaper that you customize yourself for your own audience. All the hardwork is done everyday by crayon.net. Click here to create your own electronic newspaper.

I've received a lot of e-mail from visitors asking how they can set-up a classified ad board to their website. Using CGI scripts or browser-based support can be a pain, so why not let someone else handle it?
My Webman's World Wide Classifieds is just one example how you can add customized classifieds to your Web site seamlessly and enjoy the added interest and traffic. Add FREE CLASSIFIED ADS for your website. Check it out, you'll get jazzed and it will make your site a much more valuable resource for your visitors. They also the option of hosting your own Auction site, where you earn 20% of all fees.

I hear ya . . . you've got a form . . . and it works with visitors armed with Netscape 3 or better or IE 4 & up. For other visitors, it just doesn't work.
As an alternative try Matt's FREE Form. It uses a CGI interface and is a good cross-platform solution (and you can't beat the price).
Here's another FREE form that you can try from www.remote-software.com and another one from Web Email Lite.

DIGITAL POSTCARDS   Send a Webman internet greeting
You love to use the digital postcards elsewhere on the 'net, why not have a digital postcard site of your very own? Make your own compliments of all-yours.net.
You might also like to check these other free digital postcard programs that you can add to your site: mypostcards.com, 123greetings.com.

Everyone wants one, but they're a pain in the butt to install and expensive to purchase the software that is easy to work with... so what's the solution? How about a FREE banner rotating script that is totally customizable, where the provider make it all hassle-free in exchange for 10 percent of your rotation?
Sounds like an excellent solution to me. Check it out, from OrbitCycle.com.

Yeah, sure... you can sign-up for affiliate programs that will pay you a penny-per-click for someone to use their search engine from your Web site but wouldn't it be better if you had a search engine of your very own? You bet - and our friends at Search Fuelhave the pain free homey hook-up for you. Not only do you get your own search engine for free - but - you get five cents for every search from your site!

There are a variety of uses for mailing list-type programs that you can add to your page for free. One might be GetReminded a site that allows you to add a free newsletter/reminder service to your site.

Okay, so you want password protection for a particular area of your site, 'eh?
Well, you could use a JavaScript applet, or you could use Free-CGI Password Protection/Registration which uses a CGI interface hosted on their site, so again it's easy to use and implement. You get the added feature of having visitors register to get access to your password protected portion of your site.
Other sources include 4 All Free's Password Protection, My Password Free Password Service, or Free CGI PageX Password Protection. Also check out the JAVA Tools for JAVA-based solutions.

Believe it or not - there IS a place that will let you run interactive CGI scripts on their server (no need to run scripts on your own server) adding a host of other wiz-bang doo-dads to your site.
Stop by CGI FOR ME for more info - or click on the banner below:
Free CGI Hosting! Interact Your Site Today! Free

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