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About this script

Use this script to submit multiple URL's to popular search engines.
Most of the search engines requires only the URL and e-mail address to register the page, and the script will submit blank fields if they are not filled out. When you start the submission , a small window will pop up to control the submission. You can then continue to browse with this window. If you know about a good search engine not listed below please mail me at webman@althits.com and and I may add it to the list.
Before you submit your URL, you should take a look at your pages meta tags, or use EasyMeta when you have filled out the form below

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  Maximum number of seconds to wait for each registration before submitting to the next search engine.

Search engines:
Altavista Excite Goto.com Lycos
Infoseek Webcrawler HotBot What-U-Seek
Infomak Northern Light Polarsearch AOL Netfind
Euroferret PlanetSearch Rex Anzwers
Ibcnet Infospace SearchKing UK Index
Pro Find Powercrawler Fireball Intersearch
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This script was created by Olav a late night in august 1997,
and last updated June 21, 1998

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