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A web site's design is what sets it apart from the flood of webpages that clog the internet. Things that need to be planned in a web site's design include appearance, functionality, target market and the overall "feel" of your site's experience.
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Prior to designing your site it would be good to have an idea of your sites layout. Will it be full screen, multiple columns (like a newspaper), will it feature a navigation system at the top of the page, bottom of the page, left or right of the page, and decide whether or not to use frames. Note: Not all browsers support frames.

Be very concerned about the colors that your site uses. White on Black may be easy to see, but if you want your users to be able to print information from your page, white print on white paper is extremely ineffective. Color combinations need to be well-suited to each other and you should check to see what your page looks like on a system with minimal resources. What looks great in 16 million colors may look awful in 256 colors.
Click Here for Hex Codes for Colors

How will people navigate your site? There are many options to consider. Will your site use buttons, linking text, individual images associated with links or image maps? If you plan to use linking images, use ALT="" tags so that visitors with the images turned off, can still navigate your site. If you decide to use image maps, always include a linking text option, for those who have browsers that do not support them.

I encourage all webmasters (affiliates with me, or not) and students to refer to me on-line articles that would be helpful to other students and webmasters, thereby creating an effective an thorough knowledgebase to be shared by and amongst all serious webmasters and/or webmasters-in-training.
Click here to check out the latest articles. If you know of one that should be added, then by all means send me the URL via email to webman@althits.com.

The life of a professional web programmer is not an easy one. Clients are constantly looking to avoid disasters and most have been fleeced by inexperienced designers who have left a bad taste in their mouth.
Regardless, they all seem to have the same banter. Is there some kind of manual that they get that has a list of things to say that'll make your webmaster go postal?

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