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An important part of developing your web site is to be able to view the results of your marketing efforts on the web. One quick and easy way to see how things are going with your site is to install a counter.
There are many benefits to having a counter on your site...
  1. you can view your site's visitor count
    • see how effective your web marketing efforts are
    • this can help you evaluate what to focus on next
    • or when to jump ship to some other theme
  2. others can see how popular your site is
    • great for potential advertisers
    • helps generate excitement for visitors
  3. can be a nice stroke to your ego (or not)

Here are some links to free counters that you can easily install on your own webpage:

AdEx Counter
BeSeen Counter
ITISI counter
Pro Stats Basic Counter
SiteFlow Counter
Star Counter
telecom Counter

Web Trackers

WebPal Tracker
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