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Web Site Promotion

What good does it do to have a wonderful web site that no one can get to? If you have a web site that can not be found, take it off the 'net. Your just wasting bandwidth and adding to the clutter of the internet.

Search engine registration is by all means the best method of promoting your site. By registering your site with as many search engines as you can, it ensures that your site is findable. If you do not have the time to do it, then hire someone who does.
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You need to promote your site any way that you can but don't stoop to methods that will make you look like an abuser. There are a host of abusers on the internet and a campaigns to eliminate them from valuable internet resources. So, take care in representing your site. Be accurate. If your site concerns coffee cups, don't register it as an adult site just to get "hits."

It may help you, when designing a Web site, to know what the most popular search terms are. Being armed with this information, you could generate content within your site to appeal to visitors that are searching for these most popular search terms. Important: Remember not to use misleading META TAGS or hidden content. If possible think of ways that your Web site (or a portion of it) could be made to appeal to the majority of search queries.
Here are the Top 30 Search Terms today:
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(Top searched words today: .)
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There is much concern (and controversy) surounding hits and visitors. Putting a counter on your page might be a good idea. In general, most counters will give you actual visitor counts and not "hits." Hits are requests to the server that hosts your page. So if your page has several graphics, each one must be requested from the server. It's the number of visitors to your site that you and your clients should be are likely concerned with, not hits. (After working with many different tracking programs, it may take a good deal of time to interpret the individual statistics, it might be worth the time invested to study statistics on a regular basis. Each program has its own unique features and methods. Be familiar enough with yours in order to convey the stats intelligently - or not.)
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Another effective way to promote your site is by offering to exchange links with another site that serves your target audience. You simply visit the site and email the webmaster requesting a link exchange. You will place a link on your site promoting his/hers in exchange for his/her link on their site to yours. So visitors to your site have an oportunity to visit their site and likewise visitors to their site are now aware of yours. In this way you may be able to benefit from visits to another established site as you are building yours. See also: Awards.

An acceptable form of swapping exposure with other sites is by participating in a banner exchange. You can do so in the same manner as exchanging links (above) or by registering your site with companies who do everything for you, you just copy and paste the code into your webpage. Here are some for you to check out:
Link Exchange
GSA Banner Swap
Smart Clicks
Link Trader
Safe Audit
Trade Banners
Banner Swap
123 Banners
Banner Cast
Ad Cycle
Okay, you've worked your buns off. At first it was fun, now that you're site is growing it's become more of a full-time job! Now, if you could only get paid to maintain your site... YOU CAN!
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