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Making Money With Your Website

Okay, so you say you've built a great high-traffic website and now you're wondering where the bucks are for all your hard work. Sure, you're famous but you can't pay the rent with fame.

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Many of the successful Internet companies have also figured out ways to integrate support of the communications environment, thereby getting their piece of the pie - of the entire industry.
Opportunities abound, but we have experienced the highest level of expertise and support, with a minimal amount of involvement, thanks to our affiliation with Excel. Basically, all we do is send them referrals and they send us monthly residual checks. If you would like more information on creating a partnership with Excel to integrate with your current business plan, click here or contact us for more info.

You may consider selling subscriptions to your site (or portions of it) where a user pays a certain amount every month and it's automatically deducted from their credit card account. To set this up yourself with a secure server could cost $10,000 or more. Lucky for you, there are companies out there that will sell, bill and maintain your soubscription for a small percentage of "the take."
Here are some places that will help you out:

SyPro webmaster Services
Site Check
For Adult Websites
Adult Check
Adult Sights

You need Resources, Ideas and Programs that you can get involved in to help generate funds to keep your site going: R.I.P. (what your site will be doing if you don't get some financial rewards for all your hard work.)

Be careful about who you sleep with, financially. Make certain that the revenue generators that you work with compliment your site and visitors are likely to not feel jilted.

If you already have a business or are developing a site for a business, it may be wise to consider an e-commerce package so that you or your clients can offer secure, on-line transactions for customers who desire to order via credit card and the internet. Our eCommerce Package offers a value-priced solutions that will handle all the hustle and bussel of the complete transactions including an online catalog and instant secure credit card transactions without any added drain on your ISP. If you don't need the online catalog, store or circulars you might just want the EZ Payment Gateway.

If you already have a merchant account ecBuilder may be just what you're looking for. It not only offers secure transactions via the web but also has a built-in site generator that anyone can operate (just fill-in the blanks) and have a commercial, e-commerce site with up to 100 catalog items up and running within minutes. Download the FREE software.

AIS Media also has a secure transaction program that will allow your clients to use their credit cards to make purchases on-line for $35 per month.

Accept Credit Cards On-line.

I get a flood of e-mail from new webmasters saying, "I'm just getting started and want to test some on-line marketing but don't want to jump in with both feet," (meaning that they don't want to pay for a merchant account, etc... to get started).
No prob. Although, note that you will get more consumer confidence and better orders from other secure methods. Reader's Digest's BeSeen service offers a no-cost Buy-It Button that will handle a secure transaction and they will process the Credit Cards with their Merchant Account for a piece of the action (percentage of sales). But FREE is a very good price to test the market.

For webmasters of clients who are serious about on-line transactions and generating sales online, you will need three legs to hold the project up. The First leg is a Merchant Account, and a machine to process the orders. The third leg is an toll-free (800) number to promote on your Web site.
My retail accounts sell twice as much, with an 800 number, than without. It makes a big difference. Even though only less than 20% of the sales are made on the 800 number, it increases customer confidence knowing that they can call at no charge, generates 100% more orders than without.

Here's a revolutionary new program for Webmasters:
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This might sound too good to be true but check it out: the concept is sound: Instead of trying to solicit pricey subscriptions to your site, you get 10 cents per visitor!

Likely the newest, most exciting thig to help you expand your content and offer revenue generation for your site. Click here for a whole raft of site that offer free websites and programs that pay you money pick and choose the ones that'll work best for your site(s).

E-commerce programs are great for business web sites that have Credit Card Merchant Accounts already in place. What if you don't? Now you can Accept Credit Cards Now thanks to a new program from my friends at Easy Pay. Can't get a MC/VISA account or accept micro-payments? No Problem, Check it out.

Or Accept Credit Cards via Virtual Merchant. They provide you with secure server forms and automatic credit card approval of your transaction within seconds while your client is still on-line. No muss, no fuss, no credit, no problem. Virtual Merchant handles it all for you including setting up your Merchant Account (although they get 2.25% of your credit card business plus 20 cents per transaction).

With AIS Merchant Services you can accept credit cards in less than one week! Regardless of your credit history, the type of business you're in, how long you've been in business or even if you've been turned down before and with AIS, you pay no application fee!

Okay, I didn't believe it either. . . you see all these programs come and go, but this one really does work. I've had over a hundred people contact me and say, "C'mon, get in on the ground floor," to which I replied, "Show me the checks and I'll get in." Well, I've been humbled enough to say, "I've seen over a hundred checks in the $20 -to- $35 range by folks participating in this program".
The cost to join? Zip, Zero, Nada! The catch? All Advantage places a surf window that displays rotating banner ads in a small portion of your browser that is a negligible nuisance that could easily pay your monthly Internet access bill and if you surf a lot, even put some extra cash in your pocket.
To sum it up, I say, "Go ahead, sign-up today."

It changes the way you look at banner advertising. If I'm visiting a site, see the content as valuable and am getting the information that I was looking for in a pleasing manner: I click on everything I can because it's likely the only method of paying the webmaster for doing a good job and showing my support (and it doesn't cost me a thing).

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Click Here - so I can get a nickel

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