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This page is dedicated to all the myriad other things that you can do to your site.

You've been struggling with plug-ins and scripting... you've had to decide whether Netscape OR Internet Explorer can actually HEAR the sounds... blha, blah, blah...
Of course, there IS an alternative... have someone else manage your sounds for you. After a quick registration, you can add free sounds and/or music to your page using Tool Zone. Using Tool Zone is quick, easy and painless.
They also host a slug of other free services like guestbooks, chat rooms, counters and Java Applets.

And don't forget to chec kout KeyTrax. This is a simple alternative that will load music and sounds with your webpage and it's as easy as placing a banner on your webpage. KeyTrax is compliments of AngelFire (so you know it's gonna be easy to use).

More Music Resources

Royalty Free MIDI Files - These great MIDI files are made available to use on a royalty free basis (so you can use them however you want - meaning you can even chop them up if you want!). All they ask of you in return is that you link to their site using their small icon image.

MidiWorld - Midi basics, Midi Files, Software, Composers, Links and more ... Great site for developers and novices.

Midiscape's "Interactive Music Arranger." - Create songs online by choosing the parts you would like to have included. You have many paths to choose from for the song you are creating.  You are the producer and arranger through this musical journey.
Midiscape’s GM files - Collection features high quality original midi music from composers around the world. Midiscape’s staff has spent hundreds of hours sifting through thousands of midi files to bring you nothing but the finest music to be found on the internet. You are sure to find something you like with over twenty styles to choose from.

MIDI Listings at MusicSearch - Free midi and wav files, music and sound effects.

If you have any suggestions for this area or questions about web site design, please feel free to email me at webman@althits.com

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