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It is an important earmark for a web designer or web site owner when they obtain their own domain i.e., http://www.thisismydomain.com (or whatever). For doing business via the 'net it can be priceless. You may have command of the search engines, but how will your regular visitors find you quickly? By having a clever shortcut = your own domain.

You know you're workin' your tail off on your site, now you're ready to move up to the big-time and get your own domain. It's easier than it seems. First you look up domain names you might want to use, then if they're available you can register your domain name.

You are also going to need a Host for your domain. This is the place where a computer holds all your site's information and disperses it to the internet in a fast and professional manner. There are many Domain Hosting Servers for you to choose from pick the one that's right for you.

Here are some value-priced services to check out:

Apollo Web Hosting starting at $13.96 a month

AveHost Services from $8.95 per month

Backbone Web Hosting as low as $10 a month

Casa Hosting resellers only $4.95/mo.

City Max 5 minute web sites/free trial

CTR Hosting from $6.95 a month

Dialtone Hosting under $200 for heavy hitters

Hypermart Hosting from $10 a month

Jumpline Hosting starting at $14.95

Net Firms free web hosting

Web Builder $19.99 includes EZ user interface & domain name


Get your WEB ADRESS!!!

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